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Meet Randy, LMT

Randy, LMT Request Photos

"I have been a licensed therapist since 2009.  Since then, I have studied many different styles of massage, such as lymphatic drainage, lomi-lomi, hot stone, pre-natal, and more!  When a new client calls, one of the questions they will typically ask me is, "What is your massage style like?"

I pride myself on trying to make every massage exactly what the clients wants.  Whether that means avoiding certain areas, or focusing efforts on other areas, or just making sure they feel comfortable with the massage in general. 

My focus is on the client.  Before each massage, I take time to understand what the client wants for that massages session.  I provide an atmosphere of openness with the client.  From the time a client enters the office until the time they leave, everything that is said or done during the visit is completely 100% confidential.  Several clients have referred family members or friends to me so it is very important to keep all details of a client's appointment confidential. 

When I went through massage school several years ago, the focus was on how to heal muscles.  Since then, I've learned that, while that is certainly a big part of massage, it's not the only part.  Many clients do not  have any soreness, injuries, or health conditions at all.  Instead, they are coming in strictly for relaxation.  I quickly learned I would need to be able to provide both relaxation and pain relief styles of massage.

In my practice, I have a few regular clients who have chronic pain issues.  They come to me because the amount of pressure I provide, is perfect for them.  Every body is different and everyone has a different level of pressure tolerance.  When working with new clients, it's important to me to make sure I provide sufficient pressure, without it being too painful to the client.  Communication between client and therapist is key!

My typical clients come in for relaxation more than pain management.  I have several styles of massage that I offer that are very relaxing.  It is not uncommon for my clients to quick drift off to sleep and not wake up until the session is finished.  Speed of strokes, pressure, gentle music, soft lighting are all key techniques that I use to help relax the clients."

Massage Styles available from Randy:

  • Swe-Lomi Massage
  • *** Loving Touch - Specialty ***
  • Lymphatic Drainage Massage
  • Swedish Massage
  • Pre-Natal (pregnancy) Massage
  • Hot Stone Massage
  • Hot Stone Treatment
  • Energetic Therapy
  • Personal Customized Massage
  • Massage Cupping Therapy

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