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Actual Customer Testimonials

"Massage was definitely one of the best I've ever had" - Emilia

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"Massage was catered to exactly what I wanted" - Kristen

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"Randy's a Really Good Massage Therapist" - Saidy

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"The Most Caring Massage" - Amanda

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"At the End of the Massage I was Soooo Relaxed" - Angela

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"Loving Touch Massage made me feel very feminine" - Jess

What an amazing experience! The touch is different from a "normal" massage in that it is a very soft and flowing caress and focuses on improving the energy flow rather than distinct muscle work. It was weird because over the course of the hour, the soft caresses made me feel very feminine. Not only was I incredibly relaxed afterward, I just felt happier for the rest of the night. It feels like he is swirling something like liquid smoke around your whole body. I could feel different parts of my body pulsating and warm surges ran up and down my legs for about the last 20 minutes. I definitely want to try it again. I would highly recommend this massage!

"Deep Swedish Massage" - Kari

My correspondence and interactions with Randy were always positive and professional. He asked and listened to what I wanted from my massage. Because I requested hard touch (to get the knots out), it was not a relaxing massage, but it was definitely therapeutic. He knew exactly which muscles needed more pressure. It felt wonderful! Randy was respectful, friendly, and professional. I would definitely recommend him to a friend.

"Swedish Massage" - Erin

Randy was very professional during my massage. He listened prior to understand the type of massage I wanted and to understand any physical issues I had to better serve me. I would recommend Randy to others for massages!

"Possibly the best massage I've ever had" - Jamie

I went to Randy for a Swedish Massage and it was Amazing! I have had several massages in my lifetime and this was possibly the best ever. He knew just the right places to find out where my tension was being held and worked the knots out perfectly. He made sure that he gave extra attention to the places that needed it and that the pressure was always at the correct amount. He was 100% professional and made me feel completely comfortable thru the entire experience. I will definitely return to him for future massages. I have already recommended him to my mom and would do the same for anyone else that was interested in getting a great massage.

"Wonderful, therapeutic hands-on Pregnancy Massage" - Nuris

I truly enjoyed this massage. Randy was extremely professional, and honest. He informed me from the beginning that this was his first prenatal massage. I felt very comfortable and was pleasantly surprised. Being 6 months pregnant my body is tense and achy but I left the massage feeling relaxed and refreshed. I appreciated how he took the time to go back to the areas that he knew needed more attention, the techniques he used to work out the knots in my back and the advice on how to cope with different pregnancy issues. He is very well informed and extremely attentive. I would definitely recommend him to friends and family and look forward to going back.

"I can't believe I feel asleep!" - Lola0908

This massage was great!! Today I went to see Randy and had a swedish massage. I feel asleep!! I have had a lot going on in my life lately, and have not been sleeping well. Randy was very professional, and I can't wait to have another one by him! I have already recommended him to my friends, and I am sure he is going to get their business as well. Thanks alot Randy!!

"Great massage, very professional" - swedith

I had been all tense for a long time, but Randy worked out the kinks and made me feel very relaxed. He was very professional, something you don't see too much at massage places. I fell asleep, and didn't even realize it. It was one of the best massages I have ever received. Pros: Very relaxing, very professional

"Simplistic and Pleasurable" - DowntownGal

The massage was great! Randy was very professional and courteous. He took the time to find out what I wanted before starting the massage. He did something with my hamstrings that was DEVINE! It felt like a warm pulsating waterfall and completely relieved the tension on my otherwise very tight hamstrings. The only drawback was his office. It was not the typical ambiance you would expect from a professional masseur. It was very simplistic. If you are looking for a relax-oriented massage in a no-frills environment then Randy is your guy!