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Welcome Groupon Customers!

Groupon Campaign

Randy LMT will be closing August 24, 2018!

Randy LMT will be closing August 24, 2018 due to the fact that I will be moving away from the Houston area. If you have a Groupon and still have not redeemed it yet, please make plans to redeem your Groupon before this date. As of now, I believe this move will be only temporary and that I will be opening back up again in the Houston area in March, however there is no guarantee that this move will not be permanent. After August 24, I will still be able to massage on Saturday and Sunday only on a limited basis, as I will keep a residence here in the Houston area and travel back here when necessary. Please reach out to me via email if you have any questions, or if there is anything I can do to assist you.

Returning Customers

Groupon allows potential customers to try out a new service at a discount. This helps the customers find the services they enjoy for use on a regular basis. For merchants, Groupon brings several potential customers to their business, allowing merchants to gain new regular customers. Since Groupon requires merchants to discount their services so much, and then Groupon also takes a large percentage of what remains, the merchants barely break even with Groupon campaigns.

At Randy LMT, I am looking for regular customers! I am willing to do the first massage for you at a ridiculously low cost, so that you will be able to experience the difference in my massage practice versus other practices you have been to! It is my sincere belief that once you try my service, you will want to keep coming back. I have several clients who have been coming to get massages from me on a regular basis for several years. I also find clients refer family and friends to me as well. So why do I think you will want to be a regular customer too? (keep reading!)

What is different about Randy LMT?

I'm glad you asked! In a word, service! I treat each customer as if they are my only customer. Every customer is greeted with a hug before and after their massage. I try to personalize every massage for my clients to provide the kind of massage they are looking for. I offer a very convenient online scheduling app directly on my website, so whenever you want to book your appointment, just come here and click that link and you can get your appointment in just a couple of minutes! The software "knows" my schedule so you can be assured that once you book your appointment, it's locked down and will not be changed.

My office is very private and discreetly located in 13131 Champions Dr, Suite 203, Houston, TX 77069. My table is very comfortable and contains a heater to keep you warm during your massage. I also use an oil warmer to warm the oil before the massage is performed and hot towels to clean off excess oil afterwards. The music is soft and relaxing and the lighting is dim. You are on the table usually within 10 minutes and I space out my appointment schedule. This allows me to spend time with each client and still be on time for each appointment!

What if I want to be a regular customer at Randy LMT?

I offer a couple of different options for regular customers. First, there is Club25. Club25 costs justs $100 annualy to join, and gets you $25 off every massage during your membership. If you come just 4 times in 1 year, it pays for itself and you get huge discounts on each massage after that! There is no limit on how often you can use the membership!

Secondly, I offer massage gift cards. As a Groupon customer, you will receive a 10% discount on gift cards purchased when you redeem your Groupon. Be sure to bring extra cash if you are interested in this offer. With a minimum of only $100, the amount of additional money you put on your gift card is up to you. The best part is each gift card comes with a minimum of $30 already on the card so if you want to purchase a $100 gift card, you will receive $130 on the card, for only $90! Plus, each time you use the gift card, you automatically receive a $10 discount on your service, just for paying with your gift card. You can reload your gift card at any time using your 10% discount. This is a great offer and a special deal only for Groupon customers to purchase the day they redeem their Groupon, so if you think you might be interested, be sure to bring extra cash so you can take advantage of this deal!

Finally, I offer great specials through emails to my clients. When you arrive for your first appointment, you will need to fill out a 1 page intake form. Putting your email address on this form will get you signed up for my email list. You will receive special offers every so often (not more than 2x a month) for great deals you can take advantage of! Many times, I even allow Club20 and Gift Card holders to apply their normal discounts on top of the email special which makes for deals as good if not better than Groupon!

How do you treat your customer at Randy LMT?

I treat each and every customer as I want to be treated! I get a massage every week or two myself, so I know what I like and dont like when I get a massage. I treat each customer as if they are my only customer. Each massage is performed one on one, meaning, I dont have a receptionist or other therapists or clients around when you get your massage. It's just me and you. We sit down and spend just a few minutes talking about what you want from each session and I do my best to make it happen. My goal is for each massage to be the best massage the client has ever had!

Massage is a very personal service. You are asked to give some medical information, you have to remove clothing in order for the massage to be performed, so even the most professional massage service, is still very personal. I do not take this fact lightly. I take as much time as necessary with each client until they feel comfortable with me as their massage therapist. I provide an atmosphere of openness with the client. From the time a client enters the office until the time they leave, everything that is said or done during the visit is completely 100% confidential.

Each massage starts on time. You walk in, fill out the paperwork (on your first visit only), take as much time as you need to talk until you are comfortable and ready to get on the table, and then we start. Most customers are in and on the table within 5 minutes! You massage lasts the full time, meaning a 90 min massage lasts for a full 90 min!

Tell me about your massage services

As I mentioned earlier, your Groupon will allow you to choose one of three different styles of massage: Swedish, Swe-Lomi (a Swedish/Lomi-Lomi combination), and Loving Touch. I take great pride in how I offer massage to each client. After practicing for several years, the one thing I learned very quickly is everybody is different. Everyone likes a different touch, a different pressure, a different temperature, a different style, etc. Before you come in for your massage, take time to think about what you want from your massage. The better you can communicate with me what it is you are looking for, the better chance I have of making your experience be exactly they way you like it! If you have never had a massage before or dont know exactly what it is you are looking for, feel free to call me to talk about it and maybe that will help you realize what you want.

When you read about the massage styles, pay careful attention to the draping options listed at the bottom of each massage style. Draping is a technique that's used during massage. You place a "covering" over certain areas that the client does not want to have massaged and does not want visible during the massage. I do not massage underneath or on top of any draping used during a massage. Draping differs by style, based on how styles are performed so make sure you are comfortable with the draping options before going with that style. Again, if you have any questions, please feel free to chat, call, or text me and I'll be happy to answer any of your questions.

During your massage, you may find that you are relaxed enough to catch a nap. Many of my clients do this. If you like to nap during your massage, please consider this and purchase a 90 min massage. You will be able to enjoy your nap longer for a 90 min massage rather than a 60 min. I will gently wake you when your massage is finished.

Remember, a Groupon entitles you to your choice of three different styles of massage: Swedish, Swe-Lomi (a Swedish/Lomi-Lomi combination), and Loving Touch. Click here to read details about each style of massage that is offered. Make sure you are comfortable with the draping options of the style you choose.

Tipping Policy

All tips are greatly appreciated, but especially so coming from Groupon customers. If you are not familiar with how Groupon works from a merchant's standpoint, you may be surprised to learn that merchants are actually only getting about 25% of the regular amount of money they would normally receive for providing their services. For example, I normally charge $65 for 60 mins. Through Groupon, you can get that same hour for 51% off for only $32. Half of that goes to Groupon, and I am left with only $16 for providing the same service I normally get $65 for! Groupon recommends leaving a tip of 15% to 20%, based on the full price of the service you purchased ($65 for 60 mins and $95 for 90 mins), not the discounted price.

Cancellation Policy

All cancellations must be made 24 hours in advance.

Late / No-Show Policy

It is the customer's responsibility to be on time to the appointment they have booked with Randy LMT. If you are running late, call me and let me know. If my schedule for that day permits, I will do my best to honor the full amount of time for your appointment. Customers who do not call and do not show up, or are more than 15 minutes late automatically forfeit their appointment. On their next visit, a no-show fee of $50 will be charged. For Groupon customers, your Groupon will be redeemed. I will work with customers as much as I can to make sure they receive as much of their session as possible so the best thing to do is to call me as soon as you realize you will be late!